Why we love what we do

The reason we love what we do sooooo much is because we see humor everyday around every corner crevice and bend, plus it's in our blood, and JAhumor T-shirts (Jamaican Humor) keeps our spirits alive. 

It took us over 12 years to bring these awesome graphics to light due to the amount of work involved in preparing the graphics for t-shirt printing. T-shirts are made from the finest materials, top quality, pre-shrunk and double stitched, all graphics are copy-written and drawn by Mr. Trevor Campbell aka TC from the vision and ideas of Mr. Alphonso Messam who is also the graphics editor and along with TC, coloring. 

Our humor graphic t-shirts are influenced by our rich Jamaican roots and culture, and is a 1 of a kind graphic/humor, we hope that our Humor t-shirts will help to bring smiles on your face, we would love to tell everyone a Big THANK YOU! for all their support, we truly appreciate it and wish you all the best for years to come, 1-Love and Nuff Respect!

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